To Work: SOHO Housing ‘HUB’ at 18 Hanway Street, W1T.

C3M Studio are appointed as Architects, Project Managers and Contract Administrators for the rapid fit out works at 18 Hanway Street, W1T. This is for SOHO Housing, and is envisaged as the new HUB’ and HQ.

Our introduction to this forward thinking client was on a rainy day in January 2020, after presenting our team to act as Architects, Project Managers & Contract Administrators for the works. We were notified of this success of our appointment in March 2020, just prior to lock down 1.

Throughout 2020, and now in in the first quarter of 2021, C3M studio have had the pleasure of crafting through options, presenting the CV19 spatial social distancing considerations, reviewing the flexible working and evolving our passion and concepts of ‘wellbeing in the workplace’.

The 2020 impact of ‘new normal’ has enhanced the feasibility and design process to focus on the challenges set by the impact of the CV19 pandemic. This new normal has been instrumental in the design and procurement of the new ‘SOHO Housing Hub’.

We submitted our planning and conservation area application in June 2020, for the minor amendments to the main elevation. Full consent was granted in September 2020.

SOHO Housing Hub’: A workplace designed and evolved through positive change under challenging times.

Upon writing: we are currently half way through the project works, with a projected completion and hand over at the end of March 2021.

We have had the pleasure of working with principal contractor #SCOTTOSBORN who have been refreshing in the ‘can do’ rapid turn around to any client or consultant requests.

  • Architect: C3M Studio
  • Principal Contractor: Scott Osborn
  • MEP: Watts and Partners
  • Structural Engineer: HTS
  • Approved Inspector: John Miller Partnership
  • Principle Designer / CDM: Shore
  • Contract Administrator: C3M Studio
  • Project Manager: C3M Studio
  • Lift Engineers: Platform Lift Co.

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