To Learn: ‘Grad Pad’, Imperial College, W12.

#FlashbackFriday > 10.06.2012

1st in our series of #FlashbackFriday posts. Looking back to a project that went on site exactly a decade ago in 2012.

The client was Imperial College (joint venture with Voreda) for the common areas and break out spaces at Woodlane Studios. The spaces were left a little characterless following PC’ hand over in 2011. And we were invited to look at options to make more ‘postgraduate student friendly’.

Grad Pad is study and living accommodtion for post graduate students at London Universities. C3M STUDIO were appointed to design the communal spaces of the Grad Pad Wood Land Studios at Imperial College London. 

The proposals created state of the art, study, entertainment and social spaces within the ground floor of the building. A series of co-ordinating bespoke joinery items were designed for the project, the most notable of which are the ‘study pods’, floating enclaves that can be located anywhere within the space.

Reception Area
Reception Area, Signage, Radiator covers > Seating
Touch down iPad space, including design of the iPad stands
New security access turnstiles
Leaky spaces made more practical with break out pods.
Common Room

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