To Repurpose: Regeneration of a redundant barbers into accessible starter flats

Planning consent granted this month for two accessible small residential units, ground floor access, located between Beckenham and Penge, London.

Retail to Residential, requiring a considered evaluation to justify the change of use to breathe new life into the parade.

The existing ground floor commercial unit had been vacant for over two years and there was no viable new commercial use. The wider terrace is subject to similar commercial vacancies, with alternative uses required to protect the buildings long term future. As such a change of use application was sought to convert the existing commercial unit to residential and enlarge the rear residential unit.

Our rigorous approach was adopted to both justify to loss of commercial and replacement with high quality residential apartments that both met and exceeded the housing policy requirements.

The existing site provided a complex opportunity, with a deep plan and party walls to both sides. The solution to ensure high quality amenity, was to provide open plan layouts and create small courtyard spaces to both bedrooms, providing sunlight, ventilation and external amenity space deep within the plan.




#Regeneration #Repurpose #Re’Love

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