To Learn: the wonderful world of Hadeland Glassverk

Yesterday C3M Studio reunited with Angela Murray, head of UK sales @ Hadeland Glassverk.

Angela treated us to a delicious lunch whilst presenting the history of Hadeland Glasswork, where the company came from, has been and is going……

Angela: ‘’at Hadeland Glassverk we have our own team that dedicates itself to designing new lights for the portfolio as well as collaboration with the wider design community as well as clients directly, creating bespoke fittings for a wide range of interiors and environments, resulting in most exceptional creations.’’

The quality of the products was impressive, during the CPD presentation Clare managed to identify 5 of our new clients that we believe will share the appreciation of the quality and design. At C3M Studio thinking about these finishing touches, at the start of the process, is something we encourage as it grounds the priorities in terms of concept to detail.

We loved the bespoke new product produced for Hurdal Town Hall, a pine one that is solid glass that simply plugs into the LED system to refract the light, elegant and stylish with an environmental sensibility.

Looking forward to the prospect of the first CPD outside the UK in three years in October this year’, visiting the Hadeland Glassverk home one hour from Olso in Norway:

to be continued……

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