To Reset: Wellbeing + Physics + Architecture + Design + Concepts + Sound Vibrations.

A mindful post after the ‘standard’ August recess’ from social media. + A preview of C3M Studios little sister, ‘C3M Wellbeing’. As we enter the new academic year, 2022-2023, one of the most powerful months, personally my favourite month, and a moment to reset annually.

‘Newtons Cradle’ we all always wanted one as a child didn’t we?

I had a grounding from a father that studied and was inspired by the Physics.

Dad was brought up in Hillhead Glasgow, at this time if you dared to think differently you would receive 50 lashes on your hand, that was for spelling mistakes alone. So after smashing every window in Hillhead Primary (the local kids victorian prison that they called primary school) he went on successfully to Study at Glasgow University then St Andrews. Then following a career at Glasgow University he spent his pre retirement years enjoying a 5 year sabbatical from working at CERN, with he closest university friends and enjoying life with mum, whilst we enjoyed studying (well sort of in Glasgow)… Living his best life #GratitudeAttitude.

Thankfully we have come so very far since the 1950’s and now schools are much more understanding, we all think differently, and this is encouraged, celebrated and not suppressed.

So why mention the Physics side of Well-being or even Architecture? read on….

September is my month, and it’s time to ‘reset and restart’, it is one of my few rules, to put things in the correct boxes, mentally and physically.

This year I am personally doing this with a 30 day reset through Arbonne, following sampling all the products and understanding the long term benefits through the small investment, in myself and my family. I recently have become a ‘Arbonne Consultant’, those who want to know more, do message me or take advantage of becoming one of my clients with the offers I can send you directly.

Arbonne – Energy Fizzers not to be missed

My crutch? ……Sound Baths, Gongs, Yoga, Pilates, Mediation and the odd spin class…. below is some rational or explanation to why it makes a difference in relation to Science alone.

Psychoacoustics: The science of sound.

Physics, yes physics, that is the root to the post that resuts in sound vibrations and wellbeing, ritual and self care.

From a scientific perspective, sound is explained by two components: physical and psychological. The physics of sound describes the pressure changes that occur with the vibration of an object, which are then perceived by the outer and middle ear physiology. The psychology of sound is how we interpret each sound in the brain, which doesn’t only provide information about our environment but elicits emotions and feelings. This component is better known as psychoacoustics, and as this field rapidly expands, innovations in the auditory wellness space are sounding back.

This is in relation to all of our work for C3M Studio. We have recently been crafting away at C3M Wellbeing, an offshoot of C3M studio that offers more than just traditional RIBA design and procurement services.

When involved in a project and a client has a keen connection with principles associated with conscious sustainable design. We always offer to invest more time in the research side of the project (at cost, non profit) to show our commitment to this important and very much neglected part of the construction industry. This could be for immediate development plans or for a long term strategy, for a domestic, commercial, retail or charity focused client.

This is something we, at C3M Studio, have been passionate about since the early 00s, following graduating from degree and diploma at Glasgow School of Art, Strathclyde and Sheffield University. However, frustratingly, following all those dissertations and research projects, visions for the new world, venturing into the workplace in the early 00’s the main focus for many of our clients then was purely commercial added value – at any cost, with little thought for the surrounding social context and impact. Thankfully we have noticed the last decade, consciousness (weather passive or intentional) is very much now fully understood.

#AddingValueThroughDesign has always been our mantra, and the commercial viability is always key. Ensuring conscious design is presented and offered, we encourage better architecture that is an investment in the environment and people that use it and not just a ‘turn key’ profit making venture, for capitalist reasons.

Passivehaus principles from the concept to completion, sourcing of the procurement team as local as possible to the project, advising and sourcing of materials and specification appropriate to the procurement and phasing strategies, sustainable lifetime homes, conscious workplace feel-being design, ……the simplicity is obvious, the implementation takes patience, time, investment, commitment and trust.

For now; the little sister web site is very much in the ‘under construction’ stage, but very soon, it will be fully live and ‘present’, for the closing quarter of 2022.

C3M Studio continues to take priority. However this branch of C3M is very much taking off, and always looking for likeminded people to collaborate with……

To be continued………..


Aurora bolas – Norway 🇳🇴 (fingers crossed for the R&D revealing them to me later this month).

Credit to my tribe that have brought me into this world, my wonderful local BR3 women (& a unique man) that have taken me on this fantastic journey and education that is: ‘Life, physics, well-being, sound, wellness’……in parallel with Architecture and improving the built environment – we can make the world a better and more pleasant place to be.

Toni Dicks: The Friday zooms where you, Julian, Chris and I hugely invested our minds in the early brainstorm design options and concepts. This made working on your new proposals such an adventure, a lifetime home strategy, an overall guiding concept, an evolution to be continued over a decade of input and natural change. (Toni’s well-being work is second to none, the best alternative to traditional medicine.

Jasmine Hemsley: The gongs online through lock down kept the sanity. Your a true Angel. Not to mention you 3 day reset and recipes from your delicious book. (You can find more here at:

Selda Soulspace: Well you triggered the inspiration for this post and inspired the connection, when I watched your live insta interview in July. Not to mention your healing gongs which are truly amazing, you were my angel when I attended a gong at your home with Dil in 2020 (more and Selda here:

Annie Abbs: Your massages are the best in south London, and possibly the whole of the south east, necessary for those who spend too much time driving or at the desk for work.

Donna Still: Your breath workshops are on a personal level that should be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone. Thank you for my taster, which I can strongly recommend for those of you that need a mental reset. (find out more about Donna here:

Simone Mahoney: Thank you my new friend and mentor, for bringing me in as an Arbonne consultant, this is another research root that truly compliments and informs our new offshoot. And ethos from the core is identical to C3M Studio.

Breeze Beckenham, The best south London yoga and wellbeing studio that opened in 2009, in line with the launch of C3M Studio. Your fantastic cohort of teachers, Suzy, Junior, Dan to name a few, if you haven’t attended one of the sound baths yet, or the new spin class sessions you must! ( book through the ‘mind and body’ app >>

Dad: Always taught me to keep calm, focus, work hard, but have fun and always live for the day…. #Lookingforwardneverback. Thank you. – I know you would think this post was utter social media BS if you were here to read it.

Annual reset in in Trebetheric, St Moritz, #happyplace.

C3MWellbeing (TM)

Launching September 2022………

Don’t feel like an unimspired Cookie Monster 👹 join me in a 30 day reset September with Arbonne. -private message me for more.

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