To Reset // The need for everyone to reset and take time out.

Daymer Bay

Over the past 18 months we have had the opportunity to consult with clients and friends regarding the potential of prefabricated modular retreats in Portugal, Cyprus, Scotland and more recently Cornwall.

As the desire is growing stronger to focus on wellbeing, the demographic that formally spent their money on holidays to Dubai and in my teenage years Marbella, are wanting an investment to a holiday for the 2.4 kids and family unit more than once or twice a year.

Probably triggered slightly by the change in working pattern commenced through CV19. All who were in the office 5-6 days per week, now it’s more like 2-3 with the other days working from home.

This guided us to the design concepts (which some might say is an upgade to the traditional chalet and caravan park) however, with a twist.

The concept, we are delighted to be developing, is for transportable ‘pop up’ accommodation, prefabricated off site, and plugged in ready to go. This is based on sound sustainable principles and the option for the units to be moved in the more sophisticated versions, when the investors have a desire to swap location. Or extend their family to more than the nuclear.

Rock looking toward the Atlantic.

The designs are confidential at present as they are still under development with our private alternative developers.

In the spirit of research and development our current location this week is being spent near one of our sites, 20M from Trebetheric, where we reside at St Moritz, near Polzeith.

Today after a 7am swim, the sun was shining, so we popped off to site, then a bit of lunch time bodyboarding, then a catch up on zoom showing a potential new location ‘ land for sale……

To be continued……

Research 🧐 assistant

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