To Flourish // Arbonne, Well-being, Gut Health.

As many of you know, when sleeping, and in the evenings my other passion is the principles and health promoted through #Arbonne.

10 years on from C3M Studio Architects becoming Ltd, from my former sole practitioner self. C3M Sole Practitioner 2009-2013. We are currently working towards the studios ‘B’corp status, to compliment our new enquires and ethos behind the 3’.

C3M Well-being to be launched early 2023, a little sister branch complimenting the Architectural practice in terms of wellbeing in the workplace design and conscious architectural principles in refurbishment, and new build projects.

During August, I jumped on the gut health programme, contemporaries commented on the difference to my health, skin hair and energy levels in 5 days, (I’m a synic, so this shocked me) so then pushed it further with the 30 day reset in September.

Arbonne nutrition is more about healthy habits specific to your personal needs. All products are vegan and natural and giving you the nutrition you simply can not get from your daily diet.

Historically my negatives were energy, caffeine addiction, poor gut health. Work hard / play hard drum being beaten for nearly 25 years, eventually this tends to leave you with no energy……and it’s all gut related.

In turn being educated now in B’corp. And all things well-being complimenting C3M Studio 2009’ / C3M Studio Ltd 2013’ / C3M Wellbeing 2023’.

If you want to know more, Architecture or Gut health related, or indeed jump on my 30 day journey in November, (properly this time) do PM me. With the festivities creeping up, I’m feeling the need to share the Arbonne love.

#Wellbeingintheworkplace #Healthiswealth #Bcorp #GutHealth #FizzSticks #EthicalProducts #Sustainability #Arbonne #ConsciousDesign #PassiveHaus

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