To roundup: 2022, #gratitude, #opportunity, #collaborations #friendship #loyalty #wellbeing #networkmarketing #arbonne #architecture + To stride into 2023.

We write this post being blown a away by the year we had in 2022 looking forward to the busy start to 2023. And with huge thanks to all that have supported C3M Studio in the last two years.

2022 started with slight trepidation and uncertainty to be brutally honest. We had a few projects, that for reasons out of our control, being impacted by CV19 supply chain programmatic issues resulting in the project running over and taking a lot of our unpaid time and effort to get over the line. No point in casting blame, sometimes in construction this is just the way it goes, it’s not a black and white industry, ultimately the only way gets over the line is with the team coming together and giving the job, and more importantly the client, the final ounces of energy to make it happen.

We did, we always will. It’s our professional duty. And we love what we do.

We sat down as a company and decided that it was time to be more proactive and do ultimately what we are passionate about. Local business, expanding our network, new opportunities, sustainability, research and development and always ensuring we retain a diverse portfolio of work to ‘weather’ any potential stormy economic moments in the future ….……..the last 24 months have tested us all somewhat, and we were very fortunate to stay busy and weather the storm.

1.0 NETWORKS: Local network and black book expansion: through some internal debate and reluctance from one side of the partnership, we took the plunge and joined the BNI Spitfires, local networking and accountability bissiness network. For us it’s been a great support and accountability tool for C3M, and we have rapidly expanded our black book with excellent suppliers, sub contractors, contractors and clients. It’s the price of a breakfast per week, to have 50 other thriving businesses interested in championing your business.

2.0 SOCIAL MEDIA: We sorted out our social media and flung ourself into showcasing work rather than leaving it in the archives, we haven’t managed to keep up, so will probably outsource this in 2023, although letting go and handing over is always a challenge for any small company.

3.0 YES: We said yes to various invites to other networks: #Grafters, #Network my club, #Urbano, #TheRaceClub. We are still saying yes, all these opportunities are a compliment to be invited and you never know where the next conversation might lead.

4.0 HEALTH: We started looking after our health more and jumped into Arbonne, which hugely complimented the direction of wellbeing in the workplace, wellbeing in residential and leading us to BCorp registration and a focus on sustainability (and our own health as a result, improved hugely) Win Win Win’.

5.0 MINDSET: We enrolled on the ‘healthy mind healthy life’ 10 week course, this is a must for all you busy bees, Em is a goddess to well-being, healthy mindset and balance. Clare had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with Em at the Arbonne national conference in September, a true turning point for focus. And knowing when to reset your overworked cogs.

So it is with HUGE gratitude 🙏 to all that have supported us in 2022, we are very much equipped for 2023’ thank you, thank you, thank you.

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