To Grow // C3M Studio Ltd: Galina Dimova

We are delighted to have Galina join C3M Studio Ltd as our Part 2 Architect, working closely with Clare our founding director. Clare loves working with enthusiastic creative young people encouraging them to flourish and develop.

Galina had great introduction to the industry, gaining excellent experience working for MOSAIC CSE, ADP London, Studio Gil between 2020-2023, allowing a introduction to the industry throughout the restrictions of lock down.

Currently progressing with her final year of studies at the University of Westminster, for her M.Arch in Architecture. This is following graduating from the University of Greenwich in 2019 with a B.Arch (hons).

C3M Studio has extensive experience teaching; Edinburgh University, Canterbury College of Art, Strathclyde University & Nottingham University. We hope this will allow Galina to balance practice and academia, embracing practical challenges along with creativity.

PASSION: What is your architectural passion? Devil is in the detail, I love materials and how they come together to create interesting architectural dispositions and rich interiors.

WORK: What is the favoured design tool that keeps you motivated? I absolutely love model making, practical crafting architecture through a simple model allows my creativity to investigate 3 dimensional concepts and spatial disposition.

RELAXATION: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I absolutely love cooking, curating food for my friends and family, bringing laughter round a table through nourishment….. If I don’t become an architect, I would love to be on Masterchef, then open my own restaurant.

PROFESSION: What is your professional desire? To become a successful architect after gaining experience, then running my own studio.

PERSONAL: What is your personal desire? To become healthy athlete, and focus on wellbeing.

ASPIRATIONAL INDIVIDUAL: Who is your most influential architect? Santiago Calatrava

ARCHITECTURE: What’s your favourite building: Quadracci Pavillion, USA.

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