c➂M was envisaged as a creative studio in 2009, and formed as a registered company in 2011. The studio is currently working on various projects, from conceptual design to implementation. This web site gives an overview of the types of work the studio is involved with and welcomes enquires from new clients and potential talent that would like to develop with our workshop. We are not currently recruiting, however, are always interested to be contacted with any potential collaborations or proposals.

.......memories of study 'pods', started on the drawing board in as a concept in spring, and brought to site, installed and in use by September the same year!......looking back!, a speedy turn around from all.  

Good clients make good projects.WLS-8580-(ZF-0031-84750-1-006)

Is it really only one full working week into 2017?

Gosh! it has been a long week for all.

Snow falling, and a reason to wrap up and shake off the cold bugs.

Productive, positive and inspiring.


Really can’t complain.

ESP: When you get to make yourself prawn, avocado, and homemade rye bread for brekkie.

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