To Live – Cravenhill Mews, London W2

Status: Complete

Craven Hill Mews is a Grade II listed, mid nineteenth century mews house in the heart of the Bayswater Conservation Area in Westminster.  Whilst the interiors had been much altered, the front facade remained mostly as built.  The key driver for the redevelopment was the internal reconfiguration of the property, that required the relocation of the property entrance.  

The existing entrance was located at lower ground floor accessed by small steel staircase down into the front light well.  Thorough historical research established that the existing entrance was not original, and that in fact originally there has been no access at all from the mews.  Furthermore, there was planning precedent in adjacent properties for such relocation of entrances to raised ground floor.  

Internally, staircases were removed and relocated to maximise living spaces whilst maintaining bedrooms.  The carefully considered alterations to the mews, will both protect and enhance the buildings long term future.

Reconfiguration of entrance and staircases
Craven Hill Mews
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