To Live – Farmside Family Residence, Bickley

Status: Completed

Farmside, is the reconfiguration and extension of a substantial early twentieth century family residence built on the Arts and Crafts Style, located in Bickley in the London Borough of Bromley.  The key of objective of the project was to remove a substantial number of layers and modifications generated over the last century and to both restore elements to their original character and produce a series of contemporary additions.  

Central to the design was the installation of a new grand staircase at the heart of the building, redefining the circulation and unlocking the potential of the considerable roof space.  Located within a large glazed dormer, the staircase becomes the visual centrepiece of the building, flooding the centre the building with daylight.

Both the stair dormer and the rear single storey extension were carefully handled to be completely obscured from the street behind existing ridge lines, but celebrated from the rear garden.  The sequence of carefully considered alterations and additions both protect and enhance the buildings long term future.  

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